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20% change in leadership behavior results in 80% improvement in team and organizational results and relationships



Our Legacy

Leadership Bootcamp, a flagship offering of Arc Leadership Lab, is curated by seasoned professionals with over two decades of experience in Talent Development and Leadership Behavioral Sciences.

Track Record

Trusted by CEOs & MDs from various industries, our intervention delivers tangible results and fosters enduring relationships.

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Our commitment to excellence is unwavering. With Power Pay - Seal of Quality, we ensure your satisfaction, no questions asked.

Individual Development Plan

Chart your personalized leadership growth plan


Reflect on experiences to shape leadership identity

Movie-Based Learning

Extract leadership lessons from cinematic narratives

Psychometric Assessment

Identify strengths to leverage leadership potential


Earn credentials that demonstrate leadership mastery

Training program

Build core competencies for effective leadership practice

Transformation Guaranteed

Why Us?


Trainings Delivered

12 CXO

Teams Transformed


Training Hours

Bootcamp The Inside story

Strategic Transformation
Addressing the critical question of “What does it take to transform a leader from operational/department focus to strategic/organization focus”, our program is the culmination of years of research and collaboration with global experts.
Tailored Intervention
A 4-month outcome-based program integrating Education, Experience, and Exposure to drive leadership evolution.
Core Competencies

Strategic Execution

I plan for long-term value to the company and put the plans into action.

Emotional Intelligence

I channelize my emotions towards bringing best out of self and others.

Influencing Skills

I persuade, motivate & guide others towards achieving common goals.


20% change in leadership result 80% improvement in team

Identify the 20% change in leadership behavior that will result in 80% improvement in team and organization results and relationships. Choose from Personal Mastery Sessions, 360 Degree Assessments, or One-on-One Diagnoses to pinpoint areas of focus.


The Bootcamp Experience: Where Transformation Begins

Test your skills by tackling team-based challenges to cultivate the ideal balance between achieving results and fostering relationships. A holistic learning experience, the two-day bootcamp session offers education, experience, and exposure through research-backed education, thought-provoking award-winning experiential learning activities activities, and mentorship. We have partnered with world’s best management gurus to get mentored and licensed to educate leaders on crucial competencies.


Your speacialized team move with success.

Craft your strategic project for 90 days using OKRs which are curated and signed off by your business leaders. We follow a robust reviewing system, where the business project is reviewed by a PMP-certified project manager, renowned data scientist, mentor and a group coach to ensure success.


Behavioral Coaching

Beliefs or the inner story architects our behaviors. The focus here is to invite the leader to validate beliefs. The behavioral coaching focuses on the Area of Focus (AoF) identified at the diagnosis stage. The goal setting, progress and outcome are reviewed as a tripartite meeting between the coachee, coach and the manager.


Evaluation & Certification

Leaders don’t get certified for attending the program but for achieving something for the business. Leaders undergo a Business Presentation 101 session and present their tangible achievement to the evaluation panel consisting of mentors, sponsor, and external leader to get certified.

Research-Backed Approach

Utilize proven behavioral psychology for development

Experiential Learning

Engage in immersive activities for impactful growth

Global Mentorship

Learn from world-renowned experts, enhance leadership


Achieve tangible results, linked to business goals

Focus on Core Competencies

Develop strengths, specialize, dominate in core areas

Strategic Leadership Focus

Cultivate long-term vision, execute organizationally

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Seal Of Quality

Pay as you deem worth

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The Differentiator

  • Research-backed Approach
    Leadership BootcampTM is not an idea or opinion of an individual but an intervention backed up by research. Partnering with
  • Experiential Learning
    Collaborating with RSVP Design, we offer immersive activities designed for impactful learning experiences.
  • Outcome-driven Methodology
    Aligning learning goals with business objectives, we certify leaders based on tangible business achievements rather than
  • Principles
    Principle #1
    The best way to learn leadership skills is by solving real-time business problems.
    Principle #2
    Disturbance leads to positive and sustainable change. No disturbance – no change.
    Principle #3
    Perception is reality! It doesn’t matter what we think, but it all matters what others think about us.
    Principle #4
    We don’t help leaders! We equip leaders to help themselves to bring the best out of themselves & others.
  • Designed for transformation
    Grounded in T-Group and Game Theory principles, our program emphasizes real-time problem-solving and simulations for

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